À la carte


Starter platter (L) 8,00€

Jalapeño poppers 4pcs, onion rings 4pcs, mozzarella sticks 4pcs, dip.

Cheesy Chips (L, G) 4 €

Bacon compote, cheddar cheese sauce, dried onions.

Artichoke Salad (L, G) 3,50€

Artichoke, green salad, vinaigrette.

Asparagus Soup Large/small (L) 11,50€/7,50€

Soup of the week, Large/small 12,90€/7,50€

Soup changes weekly, ask more from your waiter

Wings (L,G) 7,50 €

Wings, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, Aura blue cheese dip.

Pasta dishes and salads

Pasta Bolognese (L) 14,90 €

Tagliatelle pasta, mince in a tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese.

Vegetable Pasta (V, G) 12.90€

Chickpea noodles, zucchini, onions, wild mushrooms.

Goat Cheese and Chicken Salad (L, G) 16,50€

Grilled chicken, goat cheese, green salad.

Shrimp and Egg Salad (L, G) 14,50€

Shrimp, boiled egg, green salad.

Grill menu

Goat Cheese Chicken (L, G) 17,00€

Grilled chicken, goat cheese, devil’s jam, sweet potato fries, vegetables.

Hunters Pork (L) 22,00€

Pork sirloin steak, French fries, wild mushroom sauce, vegetables.

Fried Perch(L, G) (Local) 26,50€

Fried perch from Lestijärvi lake, roasted potatoes, vegetables, tzatziki.

Falafel (L, G) 14,90 €

Falafel, sweet potato fries, vegetables or green salad, tzatziki.

Vegetarian steak (L,G) 15,90€

Cheesy vegetable steak, sweet potato fries, wild mushroom sauce, vegetables.

Pepper Steak (L, G) 35,00€

Tenderloin beef steak, creamy pepper sauce, oven potatoes, vegetables.

Mince Tortilla (L) 15,50€

Tex-mex seasoned mince, cheese, green salad, crème fraîche, salsa

Chicken Tortilla 14,50€

Tex-mex seasoned chicken fillet, cheese, green salad, crème fraîche, salsa.

Burger menu

Kampeli (L) 17,90 €

150g locally sourced organic Highland beef burger, cheddar cheese, bacon, Koskenlaskija cheese sauce, salad, tomato, marinated red onions and French fries

Aura Blue Cheese Burger (L) 18,90 €

150g locally sourced Highland beef burger, aura blue cheese slice, bacon compote, bbq mayonnaise, salad, tomato, marinated red onion and French fries. 

Chicken burger (L) 16,90 €

Grilled chicken, Aura blue cheese, pineapple, devil’s jam, mango raja sauce, rucola and sweet potato fries

Vegetarian burger (V, E) 14,90 €

Vegetarian burger, rucola, tomato, marinated red onion, mozzarella sticks and devil’s jam.

Dip selection:

Garlic dip, paprika dip, curry-mango dip, devil’s jam, sweet chili dip, blue cheese dip, hot chili dip or crème fraiche.

Extra burger 5,50€

All burgers are also available gluten free!

Children's menu

Laughing Sausages (L, G) 7,50 €

Sausages, French fries, cucumber, carrot sticks and mayonnaise.

Chicken Nuggets (L) 7,50 €

Chicken nuggets, French fries, cucumber, carrot sticks and mayonnaise.

Fish and chips (L) 8,00 €

Breaded fish, French fries, cucumber, carrot sticks and mayonnaise.

Macaroni Cheese (L) 7,00€

Macaroni pasta, cheese sauce, cucumber and carrot sticks.

Childrens hamburger (L) 10,00 €

Local Highland beef burger, cheddar cheese, tomato, salad, ketchup, mayonnaise served with French fries

Dessert Menu

Coconut Pannacotta (M, G) 6,90 €

Coconut panacotta with fruit salad.

Daim- Tart (L) 6,50 €

Ruhbarb Pie (L) 4,50€

Warm ruhbarb pie served with vanilla ice cream.

Ice cream 3,20€

Price includes one ice cream ball and sauce

Extra ice cream per ball 1,50€

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