À la carte


Starter platter (L) 8,00€

Jalapeno poppers (2 pieces), onion rings (3 pieces) mozzarella sticks (2pieces), French fries, mayonnaise

Green salad (L, G) 2,50€

House starter salad

Wild mushroom soup, large/small L 11,50€/7,50€

Soup of the week, Large/small 12,90€/7,50€

Soup changes weekly, ask more from your waiter

Wings (L,G) 7,50 €

Wings, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, blue cheese dip

Pasta dishes and salads

Chicken pasta (L) 14,90

Grilled chicken fillet, tagliatelle pasta, creamy blue cheese sauce, Parmesan cheese.

Ham and bacon pasta (L )12,90

Tagliatelle pasta with a creamy ham and bacon sauce

Falafel salad (E, G) 12,90 €

Falafel, green salad with cucumber, tomato and pumpkin seeds

Grill menu

Devils chicken (L, G) 16,50 €

Grilled chicken fillet, koskenlaskija cheese sauce, devil’s jam, sweet potato fries, vegetables

Kampeli’s pork in ale sauce (L) 19,50€

Pork sirloin steak in Kampeli’s ale sauce, French fries, herb butter and vegetables

Zander fish in white wine (L) 26,50€

Sammakkojärvi’s zander fish poached in white wine, ratatouille ,parmesan biscuits

Falafel (E, G) 13,90 €

Falafel, ratatouille and sweet potato fries

With friends! (L) 39,00 €

Beef sirloin steak, grilled chicken, blue cheese sauce, Kampeli’s ale sauce, potato wedges, vegetables

Garlic steak (L, G) 27,50 €

Beef sirloin steak, garlic devil’s jam, rucola, garlic dip, French fries, vegetables

Burger menu

Kampeli (L) 17,90 €

150g local organic Highland beef burger, cheddar cheese, bacon, koskenlaskija cheese sauce, salad, tomato marinated red onions and French fries

Aura blue cheese burger (L) 17,90 €

150g local Highland beef burger, aura blue cheese slice, mustard mayonnaise, salad, tomato, marinated red onion and French fries

Chicken burger (L) 16,90 €

Grilled chicken, onion rings, bacon, mango sauce, salad, tomato, marinated red onion and sweet potato fries.

Vegetarian burger (V, E) 14,90 €

Vegetarian burger, devil’s jam, vegan mayonnaise, rucola, tomato, marinated red onions.

Dip selection:

Garlic dip, paprika dip, curry-mango dip, devil’s jam, sweet chili dip, blue cheese dip, hot chili dip

Extra burger 5,50€

Children's menu

Laughing sausages (L, G) 7,10 €

Sausages, French fries, cucumber, carrot sticks and mayonnaise

Meatballs and pasta (L) 7,10 €

Tagliatelle with meatballs in a tomato sauce

Fish and chips (L) 8,00 €

Grilled fish, French fries, cucumber and carrot sticks, mayonnaise.

Childrens hamburger (L) 10,00 €

Local Highland beef burger, cheddar cheese, tomato, salad, ketchup and mayonnaise

Dessert Menu

Pannacotta (L, G) 6,90 €

Cream pudding with raspberry sauce

Luxury-pie (L) 6,90 €

House cake (L) 4,50€

Seasonal flavours

Ice cream 3,20€

Price includes one ice cream ball and sauce

Extra ice cream per ball 1,50€





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