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       Jättikatkaravut (L) 11€

King prawn tails marinated in garlic-chili sauce. Served with homemade bread.

Antipasto 11€

A selection of Parma ham, salami and cheeses. Served with olives, homemade bread and jelly.

Etanat (L,G) 10€

Snails in garlic butter, served with homemade bread. (if you want, add blue cheese +€1)


Ceasarsalaatti 14,90€

                    Lettuce, cucumber, parmesan cheese, croutons and ceasar sauce. Grilled chicken of your choice OR King prawn tails Valintasi mukaan pariloitua kanaa TAI Jättikatkaravunpysrtöjä

Burger salad (L,G) 15,90€

Salad, tomato, marinated red onion, 150g local highland beef OR chickenfile, bluecheese and devil`s jam


Lappajärven Siikaa (L,G) 25,90€

Whitefish fried in butter from Lappajärvi, warm vegetables and mashed potatoes with dill butter.


Ylikypsää naudanrintaa (L,G) 23,90€

Overcooked beef breast and house pepper sauce. In addition, French fries and warm vegetables.

Possun lehtipihvi (L,G) 21,90€

Pork tenderlion steak from a nearby farm in Kruunupy. In addition, French fries, warm vegetables and garlic butter.

Cheddar-pekonibroileria (G) 21,90€

Broiler in cheddar-bacon sauce with French fries and warm vegetables.


all burgers are served with your choice of fries or sweet potatoes.

Aurajuustoburger (L) 21,90€

150g ground meat patty of Highland cattle, salad, tomato, red onion, Aura cheese and devil's jam.

Pulled Pork (L) 19,90€

BBQ-seasoned pulled pork, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, red onion and rafter sauce.

Chikenburer (L) 19,90€

Crispy chicken, garlic mayo, arugula, red onion and devil's jam.


Aura, cucumber, garlic, devil's jam, creme fraiche 

Extra burger 5,50€

Hampurilaisia saatavilla myös gluteenittomana!

Grill menu

Dippikori 15,90€

Crispy chicken, mozzarella sticks, onion rings and french fries. Served with garlic dip and devil's jam.

Chorizoperunat 14,90€

Björkens chorizo, french fries, ketchup, mustard, red onion and cucumber dip. If you want, add bluecheese +1€

Wingsit 14,90€

10 pieces of wings with Siipiweikko sauce. Served with French fries and Auradip.

Children's menu

Laughing sausages (L,G) 7,50€

Small sausages, french fries and mayonnaise


Pork tenderloin steak, country French fries and garlic spiced butter

Pork tenderlion (L,G) 10,00€

Pork tenderlion (FIN), french-fries, garlic spiced butter

Childrens burger (L) 10€

Local highland beef burger (FIN), cheddar cheese, tomato, salad, ketchup, mayonnaise, french fries

Dessert Menu

Churrot 9€

Churros rolled in cinnamon sugar with warm chocolate sauce.

Jätskiöverit (L,G) 13,50€

In a large ice cream portion, three ice cream balls, kinuski and chocolate sauces, as well as marshmallows, whipped cream, meringue and strössels

Lisäpallo 2,50€

After eight -päärynät (G) 12€

Baked pear covered with After Eight chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

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