Lunches are served weekdays from 11:00 - 14:00

Adults 9,20€

Children (under 12 years) 5,20 €

Children (under 4 years) free when accompanied by paying adult

Lunch is offered weekdays between 11.00 - 14.00

Price includes salad, bread, drinks (water, milk, home beer and juice), dessert and coffee, tea or cocoa.


Ma 25.10.

Nakit ja muusi (L, G)

Mansikkarahka (L,G)

Ti 26.10.

Aurabroileri (L,G)

Ananaskiisseli (L,G)

Ke 27.10.

Jauhelihakastike (L,G)

Maksakastike (L,G)

Porkkanapiirakka (L,G)

To 28.10.

Pippurinen possukastike (L, G)

Pinaattikeitto (L,G)

Pannari (L)

Pe 29.10

Uunilohi (L,G)

Pavlova (L,G)



Viikon keitto keittiöstä:

Kasvissosekeitto (L,G)

Viikon leike keittiöstä:

Päärynä broileri (L,G)


A gluten free lunch option is always available.

Menu's subject to change


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