Other activities




Gym and swimming hall




Veteli's sport centre is situated close by to the Hotel Kampeli. Here you can find versatile gym and swimming facilities. Gym cards can be purchased from the hotel reception.


5€ / session

25€ / 5 sessions

Sport centre opening times and other information can be found here >


Bicycle rentals




Bikes can be rented from the Hotel Kampeli. Ask for information from reception.




Kuvahaun tulos haulle kaunis ja komia

Hair and beauty services

From the beginning of June, KauniS and Komia began providing hair and beauty services within the hotel grounds.


Opening times, reservations and other information can be found from KauniS and Komia homepage or from Facebook

Kuvahaun tulos haulle kunnon tsemppari mari järveläMassage services

It is possible to have a massage in the Hotel Kampeli grounds. Massages are offered by physiotherapist and sports masseuse, Mari Järvelä. Massage days at the hotel are Wednesday and Friday.

More information can be found from Kunnon Tsemppari homepage or from Facebook

Skiing and jogging tracks

Skiing and jogging routes can be accessed just a short walk from the hotel car park. From the link below can be found a map of the illuminated skiing and jogging routes.

Ski/jogging routes

Click picture to enlarge

Frisbee Golf

An 18 hole Frisbee golf course can be found a short walk from the hotel. The course offers challenges even to the more experienced of players.

A map of the course can be found from the hotel reception.




Veteli's baseball field and athletics/sports field are nearby to the hotel and sports centre. During the summer you can find activity on them almost daily from either athletics competitions, football and baseball matches or practices.



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